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Powering Your Online Courses With Learning Management Systems

In an era where knowledge is king, delivering educational content efficiently and effectively has never been more crucial. Whether you’re a corporate entity looking to train employees, an educational institution aiming to educate students, or a small business wanting to share your expertise, Learning Management Systems (LMS) provide the infrastructure needed to achieve your goals. Let’s dive deep into the world of LMS, compare the best options available, and explore how a custom solution might be the golden ticket to your success.
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Noosa Peanut Butter Co: Local Flavours On Packaging Labels

A local peanut butter company asked for our help to design their labels. At Visual Targets, WE ARE peaNUTS for this type of butter (see what we did there?). So when this opportunity landed in our inbox, we knew there would be some market study necessary! And we were NOT disappointed. But you guys are here for the technical aspect, not for our culinary review. So, let’s dive in.
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Using Google

To SEO Or Not To SEO | Why Is SEO Important For A Website?

With internet at our fingertips and users starting even younger, there is the potential for as many websites on ‘planet virtual’ than there are humans on planet earth.

That makes for A LOT of competition. 

So, how do you set yourself apart? How do you reach your potential customers? A big part of this answer is -you guessed it!- SEO.
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Bright Idea Lightbulb

Building a Brand Identity For A New Business

You woke up this morning – hopefully fresh as a daisy and not with a pounding headache due to last night’s enjoyment – and you still had this idea. This idea that has now be living rent-free in your brain for some times.

You thought new years eve would put it to rest (or at least your end-of-the-year-bonus would), but no. It’s alive and pumping…
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Constar & Star Eco Email Marketing

Appealing Email Marketing for a Medical Supplies Brand

EDM or Electronic Direct Marketing (also referred to as Email Marketing) is the strategy used by businesses to reach out to targeted potential customers through online channels, usually emails, to build personal relationships, generate leads and increase sales.

A medical and health industry company, Constar, asked us to have a look at their EDM. See how we improved their open rates, generated leads and kept their branding consistent.
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Ryan's Rustic Creations Label Packaging Design

Circle Label Design On Tin Packaging

Ryan produces stunning work. He makes the most delightful and dynamic looking wood creations – from the coffee table to the cutting board, to the dog bowls holders – to which he gives a charming rustic style.

We designed a circle label on a tin package for his business. See the challenges of a circular packaging design and our smart solutions!
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Blue Oranges

5 Brand Identity Examples To Learn From

Today your brand needs to be distinct, memorable, adaptable, cohesive, consistent, scalable with your growth and easy to apply for all your team members.

And what better way to learn than from the ones who built a strong identity perfectly fitted for their target audience?!

We chose to analyse some of the brands we admire in 5 different industries to help you find the inspiration.
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