Implementing A Robust LMS For Bledisloe Medical

Case Study | Bledisloe Medical’s Custom LMS Implementation


earning Management Systems (LMS) offer numerous advantages, from streamlined course delivery to comprehensive student tracking. However, they can be prohibitively expensive if using some of the popular platforms (anywhere from AU$10-75k), with some also locking customers into high monthly fees.

See how we provided Bledisloe Medical with an affordable LMS solution using WordPress and some extra plugins, one of which required being created using some nifty coding/programming.

The Story of Bledisloe Medical

Bledisloe Medical is a small but dedicated team of nursing, paramedical, and medical professionals, all with extensive pre- and in-hospital critical/emergency care experience and education. They offer a wide spectrum of in-person courses, from basic First Aid/CPR to advanced life support, and workplace health and safety education.

We updated their logo two years ago, which included creating a version to use as a social media profile icon. Recently, they asked us to update their website content and integrate a Learning Management System (LMS) for courses created to cater to registered nurses, doctors, and paramedics.

The Challenges and Opportunities

1 – Custom Certificate Delivery

Bledisloe Medical required certificates to be delivered at the end of each course, with unique numbering for nurses and two versions for doctors based on their RTOs. Since the existing plugins didn’t support this, custom code was written to produce a special plug-in that would provide an out-of-the-box solution that met their specific needs.

2 – Resource Management and Prerequisite Questionnaire

The LMS needed to handle a large number of downloadable PDFs and manuals. Additionally, students had to complete a prerequisite online questionnaire before starting the course to determine their suitability. We ensured the system could support these files and assessments, as Bledisloe Medical’s content-driven resources and rigorous assessments are powerful selling points to ensure they run a quality course. The LMS also freed up time for the Director of the company, Barry McCarthy, to do other things inside his business.

3 – “Build Your Own Course” and Bundled Course Discounts

Discounts are a great way to attract more customers and encourage loyalty. Bledisloe Medical offers bundles of three courses at a discounted price, with flexible scheduling options. Implementing this feature required extensive backend work, but it was a valuable addition that increased customer satisfaction and retention. The “build your own course” aspect proved very popular.

A further discount was also offered to some customers in the form of coupon codes.

As Bledisloe Medical customers could be either an individual, or a company, there also had to be the option to buy multiple places for the courses for companies.

Tip On-Target: The use of coupons can work in various ways:

  • Appeal to a customer you haven’t targeted yet
  • Reward companies of customers with which you already have a good relationship with
  • Offer a coupon for a limited time only, thus enticing the customer to purchase sooner rather than later...
  • …and more!

4 – Professional and Straightforward Design

The website needed a professional look that appealed to medical professionals, avoiding gimmicky elements and unnecessary upsells. We focused on creating a straightforward, user-friendly interface that met the client’s needs without compromising on aesthetics. The forms created had clear options, and buttons that sent the customer into an action.

5 – Notifications

At various stages in the course, students are notified via email, such as for enrollment, results, certificates issued, surveys etc. This automation meant less administrative tasks for the Bledisloe Medical staff to do.

6 – Payment Gateways

Given the high cost of some courses, we integrated multiple payment gateways, including Stripe, PayPal, GoCardless, and Afterpay. This provided students with flexible payment options.

7 – Post Course Surveys

After a student has completed a course, students are notified they can fill out an anonymous survey. A extra plugin was used so as to not include the student details from the LMS in the survey to keep it anonymous.

The Results

The result was a powerful, professional website with a thorough backend system. Students can register, pay, complete pre-course requirements, and download their certificates directly from the website. The addition of a survey feature allows for valuable feedback, and continuous course improvement.

Bledisloe Medical was extremely satisfied with the final product, praising the seamless functionality and professional appearance. You can find Bledisloe Medical on their Website, Facebook, and Instagram.

If you’re looking to implement a cost-effective, custom LMS solution for your business, contact us. We offer the expertise and dedication needed to deliver a professional, tailored system that meets your specific needs.

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