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Marketing yourself: how to get started as a Personal Trainer

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t can be daunting to get off the ground when you’re just starting. So first; take a deep breath…

…Yes, there’s a lot to do but you’ll get there. One task at a time.

To help you, we made this checklist or the tools you should use to get your name out there.

Be on a variety of Social Media

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Right now, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin are the best platforms to promote most businesses. Tik Tok has its place too, but its platform is better suited to some niche businesses.

Social Media is a front window for your business. Add your skills and certifications and show that you know what you’re talking about.

Use LinkedIn to network and share relevant information that will add to your credentials and expertise.

Use Facebook to join relevant groups. Answer requests, inquiries and comments with free tips and valuable information. If you have a strong presence, people will think about you the next time they’re looking for a PT.

Use Instagram to promote yourself. It’s an incredible free tool when used correctly. Post valuable content consistently. Try to think about what your target market is looking for when swiping.

“If you have a strong presence, people will think about you”

For example: workout tips, workout routines for different goals, entertaining bits, behind the scenes and educational words.

Be creative!

… Or call a professional who is.

Use Promotional Products

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You could offer a branded towel or a water bottle for example.

Once you’ve got clients, it’s a great way to make them come back. Or to get them to talk about you to their friends and family and hopefully get the ever-elusive referral.

If you’re in need of ideas, we compiled a list of the best promotional products here.

Find your USP

A Unique Selling Proposition is used to sell yourself in a speech. It is what makes you uniquely able to do what you’re doing. If someone asks you ‘What do you do’, you need to be able to sell yourself and tell them why they should choose you, not someone else.

It could be your years of experience, your niche market or your specialisation.

“what makes you uniquely able to do what you’re doing”

Offer a Freebie as a Lead Magnet

A Lead Magnet is what will attract a potential lead to give you their email address in exchange for a valuable freebie.

It could be a pdf on how to exercise a certain part of the body, or how to lose weight safely and efficiently or even a free class.

The goal is for you to start building your email list. You’ll have access to hot leads (strong potential clients); perfect to create a funnel that will nurture them and turn them into repeated paying clients.

Get Business Cards

It might sound old school but business cards are not out yet!

Make it unique or very professional – or both!

You can go directly through a printer or ask your favourite a graphic designer to design it, for maximum uniqueness!


“unique or very professional – or both!

Have a Business Webpage

It could be a complete (but simple!) website or just a landing page associated to the gym you’re working at. This might not get you your hottest leads but people are curious, they will look you up. You need that digital front window to establish yourself as a professional. It allows you to control your image and give them extra information to prove that you’re an expert.

Get Testimonials

This is one of your most powerful tools. Ask for testimonials!

Share testimonials showing your clients’ successful results on social medias and website, It shows how good you are by letting others do the talking for you.

Develop a Consistent Brand

All your digital and printed material should use the same colour palette, tone of voice, logo, etc.

For that, you need first to work on your personal brand. Be very sure about who is your targeted audience, how you want to address them, what you want to make them feel, how you want to appear to them and what you can do for them.

Invest in fitness software – if you want to scale!

They don’t come cheap but they have their perks. It saves time on administrative tasks, you’ll look this much more professional and you’ll be able to nurture clients loyalty by offering them an invaluable resource at the tips of their hands.


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Meet the people you work with! There is power in a curated network. You’ll feel less lonely, you’ll meet people with common interest and you’ll be able to support each other.

Join fitness communities, go to fitness events, expos, races, etc.

Complete a fitness assessment at the end of your client’s first session.

Fitness assessments are a win-win.

On one side, it helps you understand your clients and therefor know your audience’s needs better. It will help you do your job better! And on the other side, it cultivates clients’ loyalty by offering them valuable knowledge about themselves. If they see the value in what you do for them, they’ll be that much more prone to come back to you for the next session.

Let us know if this was helpful and ask us for help if you need it!


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