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18 Items, Gifts & Products To Promote Your Brand

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ompanies usually fall back on digital when it comes to advertising (which, don’t get us wrong, is a big and effective part of marketing!), but you can also think a bit outside the box by using physical promotional items.

Don’t underestimate the power of gifting a cool accessory to inspire customer loyalty.

If it has value, it will be used. If it’s used, you’re most likely to get referrals that will already see you as trustworthy.

Source: Slidebean


Good for: events, giveaways and general brand awareness.

Advantage: completely customisable in size, shape and colours.

Source: Alesia Gritcuk

Pouches & tote bags

Good for: events, conferences, giveaways, retail, gifts.

Advantage: they are useful item and great to show off your logo.

Source: SvH


Good for: events, conferences, giveaways, clients gift. For a target audience that is always on the move or eco-friendly.

Advantage: well positioned to display a logo and you don’t need to get too fancy. Just the logo is enough and the item is useful.

Source: Vista Print


Good for: Any business or events.

Advantage: Everyone needs pens! Thinking brains usually involve wandering eyes, and the writing on a pen is a great place to end up. The good thing is that a pen can include longer information displayed on it – like the business address or a website.

Source: Visual Targets

Stubby holders/coolers

Good for: Boosting brand exposure. (Make sure your target audience are beer drinkers so they have use for this gift. It’s a great idea for tradies, service based professionals and companies selling things like air-conditioning, coolers, beach umbrellas, BBQ items.)

Advantage: These types of goodies will help you appear friendly and authentic, like an ‘everyman’ type of brand. You can create some very cool designs on a Stubby holder; your designer’s imagination is the limit on this one.

Source: pasja1000

Bottle openers and Key-rings

Good for: Bars, restaurants, alcohol labels, and any brand that would be invited to a BBQ or a party.

Advantage: Bottle openers can be the star of a party and “where did you get it?” can rapidly become the most-said sentence of the night. Plus, there’s space to be very creative here.

Source: Douglas Bagg

Air fresheners for cars

Good for: Target audiences that drive cars. No need to be car related: does your customer or employee drives to get to you? Then car air fresheners are a great idea!

Advantage: Useful and appealing to senses: that’s a gift that stands out! A smell can evoke a nice memory. Coupled with a beautiful image it can create a long-lasting and positive association with your brand.

Source: Picography

Reusable coffee cups and mugs

Good for: events, giveaways and general brand awareness.

Advantage: well positioned to display a logo. You can go simple by just showcasing your logo or be super creative with a funny doodle or a beautiful image.

Source: Aaron Burden

Stationary: Notebooks, sticky notes

Good for: events, giveaways and general brand awareness. They get lots of appreciation from employees and can be a great reminder of your brand on their down time as well.

Advantage: super useful and usually very appreciated.

Source: Jackie Hope

Hand sanitiser

Good for: events, conferences, office companies, small businesses, gyms, retail.

Advantage: very ‘on-trend’ and big enough to display a logo.

Source: Sergey Chuprin


Good for: businesses related to sun and sun-protection, or really any company in warm, hot environments (like where we are – on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia!)

Advantage: there’s a large range of choice when it comes to sunglasses – from the most fancy wooden Ray-ban to the neon colour plastic ones. It’s a gesture that shows you care about your clients or employees eyes protection.

Source: Blake Guidry


Good for: team building, sports teams or businesses, and tradies.

Advantage: help your company be recognised by employees or clients. If it’s well done, you can add some swagger to your brand and even start a sough-after trend.

Source: Engin Akyurt


Good for: showing you care about your clients’ wellbeing.

Advantage: a large surface to put your logo or be creative.

Source: wholesalephoneaccessories


Good for: (to put on the back of the phone) companies targeting a younger audience and wanting their brand to be seen as young and trendy. 

Advantage: a large amount of options.

Source: brandedwebcamcovers

Cable quack

Good for: (to hold wires and organised them) tech or office companies or B2B (Business to Business).

Advantage: it’s really useful for businessmen and women wanting to keep a tidy desk.

Source: Matthew LeJune

Gym Resistance Band

Good for: gyms, PT and health/wellness professions like physiotherapists.

Advantage: a very targeted gift that will make your audience feel seen. You’ll get a great deal of loyalty from this.

Source: Nenad Stojkovic


Good for: businesses related to fitness – gyms, PT, Yoga and Wellness centres, etc.- or the beach.

Advantage: very useful and a large amount of choices.

Source: aiiapromogifts

USB Stick

Good for: any business which uses a computer… which would be almost all of them.

Advantage: likely to be used a long time, and a useful gift.

Think before you do

Once again, before selecting a promotional product to advertise your services, think about the product’s usefulness for your target audience.

Ask yourself:

  • What do they do in life?
  • What problems do they encounter?
  • Is this product solving a problem for them?

“think about the product’s usefulness for your target audience”

Our final advice: you’ll find several companies online offering to take care of your promotional products needs. We recommend that you go through your graphic designer first if you have one.

These guys usually have tight partnerships with suppliers who can get you a discount. And, they’ll always be able to send a precise layout and plan to ensure you get exactly what you asked for.


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