Creating Stubby Coolers To Promote Your Business

Case Study | Designing stubby coolers for BMC Auto Electrical


tubby coolers can make an excellent promotional tool for your business. Great to raise brand awareness and reward your clients’ loyalty, it’s also a product that you can totally customise to your brand – your creativity (or your designer’s) is the limit!

With free goodies, you might be tempted to prefer quantity over quality, but, depending on what you’re trying to achieve, it is not necessarily always the right move.

That was the case for BMC Auto Electrical. Read through to understand our reasoning and produced a stubby cooler suited to their needs.

The Story of BMC Auto Electrical

BMC Auto Electrical is a returning client whom we had designed some business cards and flyers for in the past. They specialise in fixing and installing the electrical parts in vehicles, as well as servicing its air conditioning.

They recently moved to a bigger workshop and wanted to give a little goodie to the clients attending their opening event. Since they liked the work we did for them, they naturally came to us to design their stubby cooler idea.

We love a good strategy behind the creation of a promotional product! Here our goals were:

  1. To promote the business
  2. To reward their clients for their loyalty
  3. To stay top of mind while they were moving

The Challenges And Opportunities

1 – Choosing the right product – quality over quantity

Choosing a Stubby type – Tubes, bottoms or no bottoms, hard or collapsable,… BMC Auto Electrical chose the collapsable ones – easily stored it in their workshop, it fits in their client’s pockets upon receiving the gift. Simple and well-thought!

Rewarding loyalty with quality – The thing is, a free product can lose its value or appeal just because it’s free. And instead of being a thoughtful gift, it becomes a waste of space. BMC chose a high-quality product with sturdy stitching and easy-to-grab fabric (less slippery than regular models).

Quality means more creative freedom – Where we can only use 2 colours with the a cheaper version of stubby cooler, this the version we used for this product allowed us to match our client’s brand colour palette and use gradients, keeping consistent with their identity. We wouldn’t have been able to get this kind of blue otherwise. It would have been the manufacturer’s generic blue.

The value and quality of this product is undeniable; you can feel it when it’s in your hands.


2 – The design

The catchphrase – We consulted (link to free consultation) with BMC to come up with a variation of their “Keeping you switched on!” slogan/catchphrase in the form of to “Keeping it all switched on!” to match the image idea of keeping the car up and running.

The illustration – We drew each icon to make it as close as what everyone would have in their car and to relate to the common items BMC Auto Electrical usually fixes. The finger pressing the start button (now more common on modern cars) brings a bit of movement and implies it’s functioning properly. We reinforced the focus on the illustration by giving it this round shape. It also allowed us to maximise the limited use of space on the stubby cooler and draw bigger icons.


3 – The extra things we considered

The QR code – Always a great opportunity to consider for tradie-like businesses, it makes the process of reaching out nice and easy for a potential client. We are always mindful not to make the final results too crowded with unnecessary info. The QR code sends the user directly to the website.

The ARC “Tick” logo – This was a requirement to have this logo next to the business name. We factored the size of it in the design process and in the choice of info to display.

BMC Auto Electrical Stubby Cooler


The Results

We gladly went back and forth with BMC Auto Electrical to reach that point, and they were happy with the final result. Have a look at how it turned out in this video:

Their clients seemed quite glad to receive their gift, which grabbed their attention for a few seconds at the opening event.

You can find BMC Auto Electrical here:

If this product is the perfect one to promote your business, contact us! We’d be happy to help you. If you still need to browse or get inspired, check out our last article on 18 promotional items, gifts and products to advertise your brand.

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